Field Dancing

As shown by the photo above, I love to dance.  I actually love any type of performing, be it dancing, singing, acting, or just showing off for people.  However, I also love to knit and to bake.  I have the hobbies of a typical grandmother. =]

I’ve really become ensconced in the blog world recently.  I love looking at new recipes that people post, and seeing how they adjusted them, or getting a tutorial on exactly how to make something.  I’ve decided to finally join in the fun, and to include not only things I cook, but also other things I create, like knitted items.  Hopefully I’ll outlet enough of my creations here so that my friends no longer have to listen to me talk about insanely interesting things, such as how I made granola last night, or that I just finished binding off the sleeve of my shirt.

This blog is called the cracked cheesecake for a couple of reasons. First, and most obviously, because that’s what happens whenever I make a cheesecake. Secondly, because nothing I make is ever perfect. With cooking and baking things never work out exactly how the recipe suggests, and with knitting there’s always a small imperfection in the finished product. But hey, what’s a hand-knit hat or a homemade cheesecake without a few loving mistakes?


One Response to “About”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hey there, I looked through your blog after seeing a post by you on the Daring Bakers forums. I like it, it’s silly and fun and I can appreciate that you’re willing to admit to your meltdowns. I know I’ve had my share! Keep on blogging and baking! ^.^

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